29 January 2006

Recommended: Richard Mayhue's "Practicing Proverbs"

"Practicing Proverbs: Wise Living for Foolish Times," by Richard Mayhue, Christian Focus Publications, 2003

“To know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight, to receive instruction in wise dealing, in righteousness, justice...” Those words, recorded in the first chapter of Proverbs, introduce the purpose of a book rich in practical application for living. But the treasures of Proverbs remain largely neglected by most Christians. Mayhue’s unique work helps to organize the Book of Proverbs for six life applications: spiritual, personal, family, intellectual, work-place and societal. A brief biography of King Solomon is provided to relate the content to its author. Mayhue also addresses the common questions raised in the reading of Proverbs. The work also has several practical indexes including devotional, life-application, subject and thematic which assist the reader in applying Proverbs to life’s challenges. Use this book for personal study, family devotions, small group study, and for a handy reference when facing questions of discernment. Practicing Proverbs is highly recommended for every home library.