25 August 2005

Recommended: Guinness' "The Call"

The Call, by Os Guinness. W Publishing Group, 1998, 2003.

Certain phases of one’s life are often characterized by questioning the purpose in life. Many books (among them several best sellers) have been written in recent years that attempt to address those questions. Few if any have the breadth and depth, as well as the practicality, of this book by Os Guinness. Unlike typical how-too books that offer superficial formulas, The Call is an in-depth and profound work that brings the reader to wrestle with the fundamental issues of life. A reflective work, it is a book to be slowly and deliberately chewed and digested. The author offers a good suggestion to read and contemplate each of the 26 chapters one day at a time. Each chapter is introduced by real-life and largely unfamiliar illustrations from historic figures. Guinness introduces the reader to nearly 20 classic books that are sure to stimulate further reading. He also introduces the reader to much history—bringing application to ones calling—from battles between the Greeks and Persians to post-Cold War world events. The Call is not light and easy reading but, with a little devotion of time and thought, it is not difficult or technical either. Whatever stage of life you are in, it will take you to the depths, challenge your thinking and focus your direction. The book includes a study guide for groups.